1) Why doesn't PCRT GUI come with icons?

PCRT was born as a technician tool with a minimal graphical enviroment and, on the other side, to keep it small and lightweight, I decided to use OpenBox instead of a standard desktop enviroment like xfce, gnome, lxde etc... And Openbox doesn't need any icon.

2) Why there's no antivirus?

The only antivirus you can install on Linux is ClamAV (there's Sophos as well but it's too heavy) but I noticed that ClamAV is not very effective. Once there was some other antiviruses you caould install on Linux, like Bitdefender for Unices, but they are no more available or supported on modern distros. So, my advice is to rely on a separated live AV like Bitdefender Rescue CD and similar. Finally in PCRT you will find a security tool like chkrootkit.

3) What's the difference between PCRT and other similar rescue live?

There are no big differences, but PCRT come with Clonezilla, Boot Repair, Veracrypt, Truecrypt and other tools you cannot find on every rescue live. And even if many rescue live CDs have many of these programs, they don't have them all together and not all distros come with 32 bit version. And even if they have a 32 bit version many of them don't have all the listed software and so on...

4) Does it work on Yumi?

No it doesn't. I hope to find a solution in the future.

5) Can I use PCRT on old PCs?

Yes, you can. You can download the 32 bit version, burn it on CD (if your BIOS doesn't support usb boot) and run it on even very old PCs.

6) Why isn't PCRT updated to the latest Ubuntu version?

Because it is based on a LTS, so it will be updated when the 16.04 LTS is no more supported.

7) Why does PCRT come with CLI after boot?

Because the CLI is the start point for every sysadmin. The GUI is the second chance if the CLI is not enough.

8) Why doesn't PCRT ask me for root password?

Because it's set for autologin in a root enviroment. You are already root user!

9) Why my dd created USB stick fails to boot?

There are several reasons:
1) you didn't properly format you USB as FAT32.
2) You tried to copy to /dev/sdx1 (e.g. /dev/sdb1) instead of /dev/sdx (e.g. /dev/sdb).
3) Another reason may be the lack of syslinux-utils package: install it and then type isohybrid /path-to-iso/ISO_NAME.iso. That's will make your ISO ready to be copied using dd.
4) The last reason can be a wrecked USB device. Try another one to see if the cause is that particular USB stick.

10) Why is PCRT so often updated?

Beacuse I think that a distro, even a live, should be constantly updated. That's why I will release ISOs every 30-40 days. This doesn't mean you will always find big changes, but you will have security updates and bug fixes.